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    The key is to have the television shows not deal with anything from the films directly. That is, no primary characters (no adventures of Han Solo), and no primary events. Those things are sacred and not to be tampered with. They should come up with new characters and deal with events surrounding the films. In that case, they will be appreciated with the same distance that people appreciate the expanded universe books and comics with.

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  • Comment Link Monday, 21 August 2017 13:52

    JSpencer Frankly I'm quite disappointed with the whole business, but given how the sausage making political slash corporate machinery works, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I still think we'd be much better off with a single payer system; instead we might get either nothing or something worse. So& what are these people elected for again? What a joke&

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    Its all about November. Im guessing 1.7 trillion QE from the Fed. Anything above that and we can all refinance our MERS mortgages for sub 4%. Then it will be time to watch Bernanke dance on the tight rope. That kind of easing should get us another year but the question is whether Bernanke can keep the wheels on the wagon. Will we make it to QE 3.0?Some talk about the final collapse as something that will occur 10 years from now. We have 3 years IMO.

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    The server has resatrted more times than I can count today. I think, everytime it wants to save a backup, it cant, and automatically (5-10 minutes) goes back to the last good backup, because many of the buildings i have cleaned up get back to their griefed state, like if I didnt cleaned them. Also, regions are down.

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